How to use the tone of voice

Some templates allow you to augment the tone of voice for the output you're generating.

You might be thinking "which tone's of voice has the AI been programmed in?" The answer is that it has a vast mastery of language and can adapt to thousands of different tone adjectives you give it.

Helpful Tips ✨

  1. Only use one word.
    1. ie. Don't say "funny and sarcastic". Just say "funny" or just say "sarcastic"
  2. Try this list of adjective we've used to change the tone of voice:
    1. Funny
    2. Casual
    3. Excited
    4. Professional
    5. Witty
    6. Sarcastic
    7. Feminine
    8. Masculine
    9. Bold
    10. Dramatic
    11. Grumpy
    12. Secretive
  3. You can also input people or characters names into tone of voice and Jarvis will try to match it.
    • Optimus Prime
    • Gary Vaynerchuck
    • Tony Robbins
    • Oprah
    • Tony Stark

Need even more ideas?

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