How to optimize your AI output

More is better! Be descriptive and detailed to generate high-quality content!

You're in. Jarvis is at your fingertips, ready to write hours of copy for you in seconds. But, in order to get that high-quality, high converting copy let's give our favorite new friend some help and push him in the right direction.

The Guide to Optimize

To optimize your results using you'll want to be as descriptive and detailed as you can. Our favorite place to begin in with the template Product Description and we've written an helpful article on nailing that product description here.

General Rule of Thumb: fill out everything, thoughtfully.

Be Detailed

The only thing Jarvis asks is for detailed inputs to generate high-quality outputs. If Jarvis asks for tone of voice, give it one you actually want to use. If it asks for a headline, make sure you fill it out completely with some high quality headlines.

Be Thoughtful

You know that old phrase, "You get what you give", let that be your foundation of working inside Type in content that you actually have used or would consider using the past. Your favorites folder is a space for safekeeping content and copying and pasting high quality content into new templates. And if you have examples, give your template some proven or generated examples to push those generations over the edge.

Make Tweaks

Before you generate more content after that initial generation make edits and tweaks. Add words or remove words from your product description and/or examples. Delete the content you don't like by clicking on the trashcan icon at the top right hand corner. Flag content you want our team to be aware and give feedback. We welcome it.

Still not getting the results you want?

Go ahead and check out our community examples for each template at the bottom of our homepage Help & Support.