How Credits Work


View credits in the app following: Settings > Usage & Billing > Usage


There are two types of credits that you'll need to be aware of.

1. Plan Credits

  • These are the monthly credits that are included with your monthly subscription.
  • Each subscription plan is given a monthly credit amount that automatically resets at the start of each billing cycle, regardless of usage.
  • These do not rollover to the next month (use them up 😎)
  • For example, if you sign up for the $29/mo base plan you will be given 20,000 words. If you generate 10 words or 10,000 words, the plan will refresh to 20,000 at the start of the next billing cycle.

2. Bonus Credits

  • These are the credits that have been awarded by our team or purchased to cover usage over your plan limit.
  • These do rollover and will always be used first if you exceed your monthly plan credits.
  • You can purchase an overage booster pack (5,000 credits) for $10 anytime in the app.
  • You can earn bonus credits several ways. View the credits page in the app to learn more