Copy of Overages on Starter Plan


Need some extra words this month? Overages cost $10 for an extra 5,000 words.

First off, any words created on the right hand side of the screen (i.e the outputs) count against your words generated allotment for the month. The plans start at $29/month for 20,000 words.

If you want to use all your credits and want more without upgrading to a higher plan, we'll add those to your account at a cost of $10 for 5,000 additional words. This will happen automatically inside your account, without having to upgrade. When you get to 90% of your plan you will get a banner at the top of your app that will tell you about your potential overage.

It is slightly more expensive per word than you'd get in upgrading your plan but if you just need an extra 5-10k words every now and then, it probably makes more sense to roll with the overage charges. Be aware, additional words added in overages do not roll over month to month.

You can also upgrade to a higher plan at any point in the month.