Start Here

You've arrived! Follow this simple process to write your first piece of content using Jarvis.

1. Generate your first product description

  • Let's get started. Click on the product description template and write out 3-4 sentences of what your product is.
    • Product description: We help ________ by ________ so that _________.
    • You will be using this description in almost all the other templates, so let's get one that sticks. Check out this article for even more info.
    • Helpful hint: Add more descriptive keywords to generate the best outputs.
    • You can be choppy. No need to be grammatically correct and/or in sentence form.


2. Optimize your product description

  • Tweak, edit and generate different descriptions! Unless the first product description you generated is ideal, we recommend improving your initial text and generating more outputs.
  • Copy and paste what you like that Jarvis says back into your product description (see example). The best way to optimize your product description is using words/phrases generated by Jarvis and then generating additional outputs based on your text improvements.


  • After you've got a solid description plug it into the Content Improver template to generate additional ideas and angles.


  • Alternate between the Product Description and Content Improver template until you have find the product description you're looking for.


3. Generate additional marketing content and angles

  • Next, test out two frameworks that you can easily start using. Use your perfected product description and plug it into the PAS and AIDA frameworks to generate even more angles.


4. Produce a set of topics to write about

  • Case of writer's block on how to draw your audience in? It's time to name your content piece. Use the Blog Post Topic Ideas template to find a list of potential content titles.


5. Create an outline for your content

  • Choose a title for your content using and/or combining the results generated from the Blog Post Topic Ideas template.
  • Use the Blog Post Outline template to create ideas and bullet points for your content.


6. Write the introductory paragraph

  • Use the Blog Post Intro Paragraph template to write the opening paragraph.


  • Finalize your opening paragraph by either combining or improving outputs generated.
  • Add the outline points generated from earlier to complete the paragraph.



Final Tip The process above should get you on the fast track to finishing your first piece of content. In the case that you get stuck writing content for the bullet points, we recommend using other templates for each individual point.

Something we didn't cover? Message us in the app by clicking ? at the bottom right on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at jarvis@conversion.ai ✌️